The Surfintrip Camp Experience is an adventure of a life time that will change your surf for ever!

We believe that surfing is an amazing sport not only because of the feeling of riding a wave in a beautiful natural scenario but mainly because of the energies that give you during and after the session. 

After all we are searchers of those energies generated by the surf experience and for this reason we sell experiences not “packs”!

Our experiences are accessible for all levels, no matter if you are beginner or expert surfer, you will always find the right one. The Surf Camp is a nice villa with private pool located in Corralejo (North of Fuerteventura), really close to the centre, which is the most famous area for surfing. Close to the camp, you will find everything you need to refresh your self after surfing. 

Within our experiences, you will join luxury accommodation fully equipped, 100% home made excellent food, premium surf courses organized by a professional team, small groups, video analysis for boost your surf and flexible schedule in order to be in the best place of the day at the best time according to your level. Our team is friendly and will take care of you with a familiar approach because we love our job and we love to makes you feeling at home!

Beside of surfing, we offer other activities like yoga, carver skate training, functional training, Spanish or English languages courses and a flight, make a wish and “change your way” with Surfintrip!





Fuerteventura, simply called "Fuerte" from frequent visitors, is an island of the Canary Islands (Spain) in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast. The mild climate all year round, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water are the attractiveness of the island and makes Fuerte a paradise for lovers of sun, beach life and water sports. Fuerte has also received the recognition of a Biosphere Reserve thanks to the importance of its natural treasures in ecological terms: sand dunes, volcanic landscapes, ancient rock formations and a unique ecosystem. An island that retains the charm of uncontaminated, ideal for those who want to cut to the frenzy of modern life and devote themselves to relaxation and sport in complete harmony with the environment. The Surfintrip Camp takes place in Corralejo, the most important tourist center of the island surrounded by beaches and sand dunes (Corralejo Natural Park). Furthermore, Corralejo, thanks to his geographic positions, allows to go easily to the main spots* situated in the north east and north west of the island few kilometres away from the centre. 

*The spot, which is the place where we will make the surf lessons, could change daily among the following (as far from Corralejo is 30 minutes by car): Las Lajas de Punta Prieta (Corralejo Natural Park), Piedra Playa (El Cotillo), Caleta del Barco (El Cotillo), Punta Blanca (El Cotillo), El Moro (Corralejo Natural Park), Bajo Negro (“El Burro” in Corralejo Natural Park), Punta Elena (Corralejo), Punta Gorda (El Cotillo) e Alta Mar (Corralejo).