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The Carver skate course is designed to all those who have never tried until now but also to those who already have a solid experience and want to improve their level thanks to the use of the Carver skate, which allows you to repeatedly practice the manoeuvres of surf base and correct your technique. The required requisites are: to be in good condition of general health and a minimum age of 6 years. Within this course, we follow small groups of up to 4 people for each instructor so that all students can be followed with the utmost care and in complete safety.

The course lasts about 3 hours from the moment we come to pick you up at your accommodation till your return and the theoretical/practical lesson will last about 1.5 hours in a structure suitable to the level of the students.
With the aim of speeding up the learning we introduced video analysis also for this course because we believe that visual self-assessment is the most effective method for learning.

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Equipment (Carver skateboard, protection gear)
Maximum 4 students per coach
Video analysis of Carver lessons

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