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The Surf Drive is designed to all those who following at least 3 days beginner or intermediate surf course with Surfintrip and want to keep practicing the own surf in the best surf spot of the day according to the surf level under the supervision of the instructor.

The requirements are to be able to get to the line up, to pass the waves with turtle dive and/or duckdive, ride the wave wall and/or white water in front side and back side with a soft board in small conditions, knowledge about surf priority and surf rules and how to behave when you wipe out.

The course lasts about 4 hours from the moment we pick you up at your accommodation until the return and the practical part in water will be for about 1.5/2 hours with a break between one hour and the next and anyway when necessary and stretching at the end of the lesson. 

This service is exclusivity available for the Surfintrip students only!

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Equipment (board, wetsuit, leash, wax)
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